Monday, November 29, 2010

On Display

image courtesy of Bergdorf Goodman
Last weekend I was walking up Fifth Avenue to meet a few friends at a martini bar on Central Park.  As I approached the corner of 58th Street and Fifth Avenue, the home of Bergdorf Goodman, I was beyond delighted to see that the holiday window displays were up for the season!  Creativity is practically bursting from behind the glass of each window, each item perfectly placed.  I went back with my camera a few days later to try and capture each creation, and the thoughtful detail that makes them truly works of art.  Although you can see the reflection of the bustling city behind me in the pictures, you can still get a feel for the beautiful intricacy of each display.

My favorite window of the season is the powerful, pearly Pegasus wearing a cream crocheted cape, paired with a mannequin draped in an elegant gown of stark white feathers.  While this particular window is fairly monochromatic, the varying textures are what make it real eye candy.

This window makes me want to pack a vintage trunk, throw on a wild hat, and board a ship to travel the globe.  Part of the old-world charm of this window is created by the use of tweeds and plaids, and the designer undoubtedly has noticed the current trend of using old maps as artwork in interior design.

This astrologically themed window, complete with life-sized zodiac signs (Aries and Pisces and Libra, oh my!) remains elegant despite the whimsical motif.  The mannequin is wrapped in playful silk and crowned with a cap of jewels and velvet.

I love the play of the masculine, nautical theme of this window with the star of the show in a sequined sailor suit, wearing bright, rosy lipstick!

  Again, the feminine, floral gown paired with a tartan jacket and chunky rouge stage lights is a truly  pleasing combination.  The window exudes a certain feeling of importance, as you get the impression that the train is glamorously leaving the station.

After spending time looking at the original displays at Bergdorf Goodman, there were only a few others that caught my eye with the same strength.  This vignette in the foyer of the Decoration & Design Building, created by the Carlton V fabric showroom, is utterly charming with the mix of rustic antler mounts and hardwood floors, with delicate crystal glasses filled with scotch, sumptuous fur coat smartly placed on a chair back, and a pair of chocolate-colored suede gloves.

This window of Photographer Gilles Larrain's gallery in Soho made me stop dead in my tracks.  The artistically stunning patchwork silk gown, illuminated by up-lights and framed by varying black and white photographs made me want to make an appointment at this "by appointment
only" gallery!

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