Saturday, November 13, 2010

Individually Wrapped

image courtesy of Healthy Happy Life

You can't turn around in New York City without coming face to face with a boutique bakery.  While these bakeries whip up delights from tres leches to tiramisu, they all seem to specialize in the cupcake.  Now, the best thing about these cupcakes is obviously the undeniably scrumptous taste, but they are also miniature, edible works of art.  After visiting several of these establishments in the City, I have found that not only are the cupcakes a sight to see, but the spaces in which they are created beautifully display the little pieces of heaven found inside.

(In case you are wondering, and I'm sure you are, the above, most photogenic cupcake is the vegan banana bread cupcake from Babycakes wearing a fabulously lavender top-hat of fresh blueberry icing)

image courtesy of Babycakes

The store front of Babycakes in the Lower East Side is just as picturesque as the it's edible goodies.  The bright turquoise door, vintage sign and rust-red building play well together and made me do a double take.  The exterior of the building coordinates with the baking philosophy of the vegan business;  Earthy and clean, but still creative and colorful!

The most popular place to get a cupcake is Magnolia Bakery.  At any time of day, there is a line out the door (and often curly-cued around the block) and a team of bakers working as diligently as possible to keep up with the demand in a small, classic, lunch-counter feeling space.  With black and white checked floors inside, and a simple blue awning on brick outside, this simply decorated establishment puts out a perfectly prepared cupcake that will make you feel like a kid again.

Icing in a simple swirl, nothing too over the top, these cupcakes displayed at Magnolia Bakery on a vintage pie stand keep it classic.

New York Cupcakes are even hitting the newsstands!  Both Babycakes and Magnolia Bakery were featured in Life & Style Weekly:

image courtesy of Babycakes

And Billy's, another fabulous cupcake venue in New York, was featured in In Style:

image courtesy of Billy's

Billy's Bakery has it's own personality.  Two basic benches against a dove-blue exterior, vast windows and a bright indoor sitting area create a crisp backdrop to let the cupcakes work their magic.  

Billy's has an extensive variety of cupcake flavors, so if you need any recommendations, I highly recommend Billy's red velvet!

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