Thursday, December 15, 2011

Katie Long Stevenson

Katie Long Stevenson is one of my favorite modern artists, and also a great friend! I had the opportunity to ask Katie a few questions about her work, inspirations, and favorite things:

SK: How do you find your color inspiration/palettes?
KLS: Choosing color can be as simple as what moves me that day or what looks most fun to work with at the art store, but mostly depends on my approach to painting abstracts.  I start each by listening to classical music and let the rhythm and emotion of the piece dictate the mood of the painting.  I associate bolder and faster music with bright colors, so reds can be dominant; whereas a slower and softer piece inspires me to use pastel hues.  I have been going through a big neon stage for a while, so I like to include a little hint of it here and there.  

SK: Do you prefer figurative or abstract work?
KLS:I love painting both figuratively and abstractly.  Rather than having them be dueling genres, I've been working toward keeping the approach and goal for each very similar so that the greater difference is that one has a more obvious subject than the other.  However, I go into phases with both--for a few weeks I'll focus on one body of work, then switch to the other.  It's important to keep exploring one genre until you've pushed yourself as far as you can go, then move on to something always come back to the first with a fresh take.  I abandoned figurative painting for nearly a year, and when I came back to it the images were much more abstract.  

SK: Where do you find your inspiration for you abstract works? I've noticed that titles of a few have music references...?
KLS: The biggest inspiration is music, and if a painting is "built' listening only to that piece, then I consider it a literal interpretation.  That's why some are named after the composer.  Others have numbers beside them, like "Concerto 28x", which meant that I listened to the piece exactly 28 times through before it was finished.   I'm also incredibly inspired by Willem de Kooning, Simeon Braguin, Mark Rothko...

SK: What are three things you can't live without?
KLS: My son, my husband, and sleep/fruit/dark chocolate/Shu Uemera eye lash curler (how can I choose?!) :)

Below are a few of my favorites of Katie's pieces.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

A Fireplace

This gloomy NY day got me dreaming of a cozy fireplace to work beside.
Ahhh, the NYC dream ;)

Monday, November 28, 2011

For the love of OCD

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and I'm sorry that we've been MIA in blogger land - we've been busy wrapping up our latest project, Burgerbar, but now we're back in the game! 

I loved today's Design Milk post on Karim Charlebois-Zariffa and was reminded of Austin Radcliffe's Things Organized Neatly and other groupings of curated objects. I'm always amazed by the patterns and grids that the groupings make, as well as of the deconstruction of simple, everyday objects. Enjoy!

Karim Charlebois-Zariffa via Design Milk

From an Ikea Recipe book. 

From a fellow pinner on Pinterest. 

Above camera and below deconstructed bike and Eames chair grouping curated by
Things Organized Neatly.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Daniel Espirito Santo

Wow. While searching for artwork tonight for the new restaurant I am working on, Burgerbar, I came across an amazing photographer. Daniel Espirito Santo is a Portuguese photographer living in Lisbon - I love the style of his work and his Motorcycle Diaries are perfect for the project! You can check out his entire collection here.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Steel is Sexy

Lately, it seems as though Galvanized Steel has been popping up everywhere. Once only considered for outside applications to prevent rust, this metal is taking on new forms and coming inside the home. Above, the Galvanized table top and wood base create a nice juxtaposition of hard and soft. 
This sconce could be great both inside and out - think bathroom sconces in a beach house?

 Galvanized steel is even entering the entertaining world with these adorable cake stands.

We're currently using this Galvanized Steel bistro chair for Burgerbar in Palm Beach Gardens, FL. For outside, tie on a white cushion. We're using a red leather seat on ours!

 Steel buckets becomes both cute and organized when hung and used as storage for arts and crafts tools.
 We LOVE this planter from Aidan Gray. Use it as is, or flip it over and it becomes a stool!

And how cool are these galvanized stock tanks repurposed as planters with casters!
Again, a Burgerbar idea ;)

How great are these shower enclosures?
We're using a similar window idea to separate space in the restaurant.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Katie Ridder Galore

Don't you just fancy Katie Ridder's collection of fabrics and wallpapers?

Sources: Katie Ridder, House Beautiful

Her use of color and pattern add a bit of whimsy to a room, while at the same time being worldly and unique. Her line includes patterns from seaweeds, birds, and flowers to elephants and more!

How fun is it that her wallpaper, Oiseau in chocolate, was used on set in Sex and the City 2! We love the exotic touch it adds to the room.

You can check out her full line at Holland & Sherry.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Simply Succulent

I've always loved Succulents and dreamed of a wall of them in the Urban Garden I hope to one day have.  These plans are super easy as they require little soil and water and can attach to and grow on almost any surface. Check out the creative use of these beautiful plants to make organic art!

 I love the use of the frames - in a small garden, framing these dresses up the space and creates interest in an otherwise drab space. I also love the plants peeping out from the slots in the wooden stand - with this, they can be moved with ease.

They create such an interesting organic grid on the sides of these buildings. 

So many lovely colors!


Friday, August 12, 2011

I'm Wishin for this Kitchen

Or rather, all of these kitchens! Don't you ever wish you had more than one kitchen so you can have a different styles for each one? I certainly do!

I do love a white kitchen -- it's clean and chic. And, like these playful kitchens, and you can add bursts of color and whimsy through your dining chairs, light fixtures, flowers, artwork and even appliances!

It's a blast from the past -- how cool are these retro mod looks? The vintage fridge is to die for, seriously.

While working on the gastropub project, I've been strongly influenced by the industrial look. I'm obsessed with the wooden textures and the metals -- it feels a bit organic, while adding that masculine touch the man of the house will appreciate.

Happy Friday!!
Source: Pinterest

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

I've got scallop fever!

While actual scallops are tasty, I'm talking about the unique shape!

 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

Wear it from head to toe or dress it up in your abode -- the scallop shape is fun, flirty and feminine!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Oh, what stellar stairs you have!

Stairs can be oh-so-daunting to go up, but they can be fun and make a bold statement if you're playful with them.

Love love love prints and patterns. Dressing up your stairs with black & white chevron or zebra stripes is so graphic and gives your stairs a bit of zip.

Adding word statements to your stairs definitely adds a touch of your personality and can also act as a learning tool for your kids such as counting to 15 in French! Maybe a fun idea for the back steps to the playroom?
Don't be afraid to splash your stairs with color! Whether it's on the railing or the steps -- look at how much fun and cheerfulness is brought to the room. These staircases really do become a work of art!

Friday, July 29, 2011

Chalk isn't just for Kids

Paint your walls with chalkboard paint and have a ball! It'll add a personal touch and create lots of fun and energy in your room. It also serves a functional purpose, too - Gotta remind yourself when that Avett Brothers concert is or what you need to buy for your picnic soiree next weekend.

Hanging a chalkboard map and marking the countries you've visited can be a conversation piece in your home and also be a fun game for the kids. Paint ordinary accessories with the paint and give them a little pizzazz! Ex, for those of you who garden, labeling ordinary or old pots will make your herbs cute and help when trying to identify the cilantro from the parsley. 

Painting old furniture with chalkboard paint is an inexpensive and clever way to give it a new life.

We're excited about adding a chalkboard wall in the dining room of the Gastropub we're currently working on - we'll keep you posted as it progresses!