Thursday, June 30, 2011

Beach Fun

Heading to the beach for a long weekend of fun and fireworks!
Bon weekend!

Monday, June 27, 2011

What to Wear: July 4th

For me, July 4th means beach, boats, bbq, and LOTS of beer. But it's important to be sure that you have the proper attire for the festivities.  From runway to sequins to tie dye, below are my picks for patriotic attire for the big day and everyday.

Catherine Malendrino's American Flag Dress is the conservative choice for a proper Independence Day cocktail party.

With innumerable choices for the American flag bikini, I picked the classic triangle top and the bandeau monokini.

And why not keep the sun off your face in one of these stylish sequin sun hats?

This Denim blazer from Tommy Hilfiger will add pizazz to a simple dress or can be paired with the 
all-American fav....the cut-off jean short.

If our nations birthday calls for a night out on the town, the above ankle-strap sandals or sequin party dress (below) are sure to make you stand out in style.

And for the rocker in you, this sequin corset top would pair perfectly with your cut-offs or even a denim mini skirt.

For the man, we'll start with the "lounge pant". What man wouldn't want to watch his favorite sport on the tube, in his man chair, wearing a pair of these?!?
The male or female hipster can sport this patriotic fedora from American Eagle.

And who doesn't love a little tie-dye?

These boxer briefs are sure to add a little sparkle to your day!

Loving these shades, but I wonder if the curving lenses could cause a bit of a Vertigo effect? 
And don't worry, we haven't forgotten about Sporty American - the NIKE Dunk Low GS is sure to dominate on the court, while the modern and vintage casual lace ups (below) are perfect for every-day wear.

And for a day at the beach, certainly don't forget your 
"Vintage Sexy Fit 1980's Men's Swimsuit"!

Happy Birthday America!!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Proud Mary

I'm obsessed with just about anything from my friend Harper Poe's sustainable textile line Proud Mary. In fact, I carry one of her totes just about every day. Harper launched the company in 2008 after returning from volunteering with Habitat for Humanity in South America. Harper had fallen in love with the indigenous people and their brightly colored textiles and was inspired to funnel her passions into a sustainable design business promoting social change. "By providing a global exploration of textiles, Proud Mary, supports and empowers global artisans and their families while celebrating their beautiful work!" All of Proud Mary's products and materials are sourced and made in developing nations.

Harper launched the textile business with an array of brightly colored pillows, change purses, and tote bags, all made by Guatemalan artisans. Above, the Diamante pillow in brocade Salmon (14" x 24", $120) is made of 100% cotton, and handwoven and sewn in Guatemala. The immediate success of Proud Mary led Harper to expand the line to additional bag designs....A few of my favorites are below!

From left: Gradient Mint Bucket Bag ($68), Cirque Tote ($96), Potato Printed Clutch ($60)

Harper's newest venture with Proud Mary (and my personal favorite!) is the addition of men's neckties to the line. The lightweight cotton ties are perfect for summer - go on and grab one for the man in your life!

Monday, June 13, 2011

The Man Chair

We all know it the second we see it. The pudgy, overstuffed, reclining type with built in cup holders, a foot rest, and possibly a tray for food or slots for the remote and magazines. If he's a lucky man, said chair will also have additional bells and whistles like a built-in cooler, electric reclining settings, and possibly even massage or temperature controls. All of these features aimed at maximizing the users comfort and preventing him from exerting any extra energy while in the chair. Its the man's refuge, his own self-sufficient sanctuary. Acquiring such a chair often marks the transition of a boy into a man and is a symbol of his pride. Possessing such a chair is among a man's biggest accomplishments, along with buying a fast car and having a winning Fantasy Football team. And everyone in the house knows, the chair is a one-man chair, not to be used by any other family member and certainly not by any other male visitor. The man has marked this chair as his territory and use of the chair by another man is like wearing another man's underwear. Unwritten man law: you just don't do it.

I'm often faced with the difficult task of convincing the man to relinquish said chair, replacing it with a daintier more refined version, suitable for cocktail parties and women's gatherings. The idea is simple: To make the man feel like this new chair is an up-grade; a newer, cooler model of the previously described chair. To get the man excited about a new chair that is both comfortable and stylish, yet also masculine, as not to strip away any of his manhood. While my picks below may not possess all of the bells and whistles of the ultimate Man Chair, they are sure to entice any gentleman with their muscular design. Think Mad Men, not King of Queens.