Monday, June 13, 2011

The Man Chair

We all know it the second we see it. The pudgy, overstuffed, reclining type with built in cup holders, a foot rest, and possibly a tray for food or slots for the remote and magazines. If he's a lucky man, said chair will also have additional bells and whistles like a built-in cooler, electric reclining settings, and possibly even massage or temperature controls. All of these features aimed at maximizing the users comfort and preventing him from exerting any extra energy while in the chair. Its the man's refuge, his own self-sufficient sanctuary. Acquiring such a chair often marks the transition of a boy into a man and is a symbol of his pride. Possessing such a chair is among a man's biggest accomplishments, along with buying a fast car and having a winning Fantasy Football team. And everyone in the house knows, the chair is a one-man chair, not to be used by any other family member and certainly not by any other male visitor. The man has marked this chair as his territory and use of the chair by another man is like wearing another man's underwear. Unwritten man law: you just don't do it.

I'm often faced with the difficult task of convincing the man to relinquish said chair, replacing it with a daintier more refined version, suitable for cocktail parties and women's gatherings. The idea is simple: To make the man feel like this new chair is an up-grade; a newer, cooler model of the previously described chair. To get the man excited about a new chair that is both comfortable and stylish, yet also masculine, as not to strip away any of his manhood. While my picks below may not possess all of the bells and whistles of the ultimate Man Chair, they are sure to entice any gentleman with their muscular design. Think Mad Men, not King of Queens.

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