Thursday, September 15, 2011

Steel is Sexy

Lately, it seems as though Galvanized Steel has been popping up everywhere. Once only considered for outside applications to prevent rust, this metal is taking on new forms and coming inside the home. Above, the Galvanized table top and wood base create a nice juxtaposition of hard and soft. 
This sconce could be great both inside and out - think bathroom sconces in a beach house?

 Galvanized steel is even entering the entertaining world with these adorable cake stands.

We're currently using this Galvanized Steel bistro chair for Burgerbar in Palm Beach Gardens, FL. For outside, tie on a white cushion. We're using a red leather seat on ours!

 Steel buckets becomes both cute and organized when hung and used as storage for arts and crafts tools.
 We LOVE this planter from Aidan Gray. Use it as is, or flip it over and it becomes a stool!

And how cool are these galvanized stock tanks repurposed as planters with casters!
Again, a Burgerbar idea ;)

How great are these shower enclosures?
We're using a similar window idea to separate space in the restaurant.