Monday, April 11, 2011

A Latte in Paddington

Ahhh, Sydney, how I love thee! I thought I had found my perfect place in NYC's West Village, that is, until I visited Sydney. While I loved the city as a whole, Paddington left me wanting more! Paddington, like the city as a whole, is mostly comprised of townhouses, like the ones pictured above. From the street, they leave much to the imagination....behind these facades you will most likely find a beautiful garden and possibly a pool, similar to the pic below.

I was very surprised how modern the city was - especially the interiors, which were mostly very fresh feeling with white walls, minimal architecture, and lots of glass - real no-fuss living, taking advantage of the ability to live inside and out.

I really loved how Sydney seems to come alive on a sunny day.....not only are the homes made for al fresco living, so it seems are the shops and restaurants. Below is the courtyard of Jackie's restaurant in Paddington - I love how the courtyard dining area is shared with it's sushi bar neighbor to the left.

 courtyard @ Jackie's


Sushi Bar neighbor

I love how everywhere in Sydney opens up to the outdoors with big sliding glass doors that seem to disappear when opened entirely. Just imagine....perfectly blue sky, birds chirping, sitting in this courtyard and sipping on the BEST latte....Ahhhh Sydney, take me back!

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