Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Sitting Pretty

I love the look created by allowing beautifully framed artwork to relax on the floor, mantle, dresser, or sideboard and casually lean against the wall.  This method of display creates an easygoing attitude alternative to the more popular permanent placement of wall hangings, and the the only effort required for display is finding the perfect place for artwork to sit pretty.  So, measuring tape?  Forget it.  Hammer and nails?  No thank you.  Leveler?  I don't think so.  Ladder?  Doubt it.  There are a lot of great reasons to use this distinctive display technique.

In a small space, or on a mantle, shelf or sideboard, pack more loveliness into an area by layering several different pieces. 

In this New York Dining Room, designers Keith Johnson and Glen Senk pair different sized pieces giving the room more dimension.

Hattie Wolf & Abby Rizor, designers of this Florida Family Room, maximized display space by layering a mixed bag of similar-sized artwork and framed memorabilia.
image courtesy of House Beautiful

Fill an unusual blank space with a small piece for an easy accent.

In Frederic Fekkai's New York Living Room, designer Robert Couturier placed a small piece of artwork on the floor between the mantle and mirrored chest to flawlessly finish this simply wonderful decor.

image courtesy of elledecor.com
 Designer Miles Redd used a few small photographs and pieces of art to break up the monotonous lines of the bookshelf.

 image courtesy of milesredd.com

Framed small prints were creatively placed by architect Michele Bonan to sit on alternating steps of this staircase at the Hotel J.K. Place in Italy.

Give the big picture in order to create a focal point rather than just an accent

In actress Ellen Pompeo's California Dining Room, designer Martyn Lawrence-Bullard utilizes a large mirror of his own creation and a vintage subway sign for expanse in a white space.
image courtesy of elledecor.com

Designer Rafael de Cardenas rests a rich-colored painting against the wall in this Manhatten apartment to break up an otherwise radiently pink room.  The placement of this piece balances the flow of the room by sitting in an area that is perhaps too small for furniture.                 image courtesy of elledecor.com

A mixture of a few pieces hung on the wall and several propped up beneath is also a great way to maximize display space

  In this reception room in Thailand, abstractly arranged frames of both the mounted and resting variety give character to a small space.

image courtesy of elledecor.com

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