Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Sibella Court

Do you ever crave fantastical interiors that will inspire and transport you to another time, place or world? A fairytale land designed for the modern, real, life? Well let me introduce you to Sibella Court.
I was recently introduced to the Australian Interior Stylist by a friend visiting from Sidney and was was immediately drawn to her intentionally haphazard, bohemian, quirky style. Sibella was a stylist in NY who returned to her native Australia to open her store, The Society Inc, in an 1800's corner shop in Paddington, a suburb of Sidney. Sibella recently designed colors for Murobond Coatings, Australia's leading paint manufacturer, and released a book, Etcetera, available only at Anthropologie stores.

As a world traveler and gypsy soul, Sibella curates her store and interiors with thoughtful precision. The interior of the Society Inc is a "haberdashery meets hardware store specializing in local and global textiles, furniture, homewares, and beautiful things". The contents and interior of the store change four times a year and every last detail is impeccably thought out. "Each new 'theme' will transport the visitor to different societies and each theme will encompass a new color story, using the colours Sibella designed for Murobond Paints." Below is a selection of Sibella's past themes and colour stories for the store.



Indigo Blues


Merchants and Traders


Sea Gypsy

Travelers and Magicians

A selection of Sibella's colors for Murobond Paints.

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